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Why Fixing Your Ailing Feet Can Be Made Easy This Basketball Season

With Christmas just behind us and the weather slowly warming up, it’s time we start looking forward to the thick of the basketball season! If you are like most people, that means hitting the hardwood with the intensity of someone who’s been sitting on their butt warming his toes next to the fire all winter long. But could those still-thawing toes and stiff feet find added encouragement through expert podiatrist care?

Here in New Jersey, we know how tough it can be to play any sport when you’ve got a bum heel, persistent toe fungus, or diabetic foot pain, especially with so much cold weather sweeping through the state this winter. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue to bear the pain through each bounce of the ball!

Check out a few ways you can start protecting your problematic feet this basketball season below:

Diabetic Foot Care

Don’t let diabetes weigh you down. Taking a look at your feet daily helps you to stay on top of any unsightly issue or strange growth you might find starting to creep up on you. Also, washing your feet daily can help you rid any potentially-harmful fungus or bacteria wanting to sneak into your foot and cause persistent pain. And don’t forget to clean between your toes!

General Heel Pain Care

If your foot pain is unrelated to diabetes and centered near the heel, you can still find full relief through the expert care of your Jersey City podiatrist. Even laser therapy is often utilized by basketball-loving patients who have these constant aches and pains nipping at their heels! If laser therapy is something you’d prefer not to use, though, that’s OK. Hands-on therapies have also been shown to be effective in curing all that ails your grumpy feet during any season of the year!

If you’re wanting to be on your A-game this basketball season, then you’ve got to fix your feet first! Jersey City’s very own trusted podiatrist, Dr. Edward Tjoe, can help you play your best this season.

Don’t hesitate to give him a call today at (201) 984-0231 for the basketball-ready feet you’ve been waiting for all winter!

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