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Keeping Your Feet Free From Warts

Do you have a growth on your foot that you try to keep out of sight? While calluses and warts are often mistaken for them, warts can be even more unsightly on your feet – and more difficult to get rid of safely.

But at the podiatry office of Dr. Edward Tjoe, patients with warts on their feet can receive full relief. With treatment options ranging from prescription topical ointments to medications, Dr. Tjoe has the years of knowledge and experience necessary to treat every wart that steps foot into his office.

What Causes Warts?

Warts are caused by viral infections that have made their way into the skin through tiny abrasions. Foot warts often have a thick, raised appearance similar to that of corns and calluses, but don’t be deceived: if left untreated, foot warts can grow, spread, and even multiply.

What Should I Do To Avoid Them?

Warts are often contracted when people walk around barefoot on an unclean floor or the ground. Because the virus that causes most warts loves places that are warm and moist, pools and locker rooms are especially likely to harbor it.

Even if you don’t frequent places with dirty public surfaces, you can still contract the virus by coming into contact with tissue or fluid that’s been shed from another wart. So take heed, and remember to wear shoes – or at least socks – when walking on unfamiliar surfaces in public settings.

Wart Prevention

You can ward off warts by:

For more information on wart prevention and treatment, give Dr. Tjoe’s office a call today by dialing (201) 984-0231 to find lasting answers to your podiatrist problem right here in Jersey City, NJ!

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