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Don’t Forget Your Benefits

As the end of the year approaches, so does the deadline to use your insurance benefits! Depending on your insurance provider, you may have certain benefits that will expire after the new year, so you may want to check with your insurance agent to see the details of your particular plan.


Most health insurance policies cover the cost of podiatric care which includes foot and ankle care. This includes both public health insurances and private plans. However, coverage can vary depending on the plan.

Podiatric care is often covered by your insurance because most foot and ankle conditions are considered medically necessary. This means most visits and procedures are performed because the condition is preventing your foot or ankle from functioning properly and impacting your overall quality of life. It is important to note that though your insurance may cover podiatric care in your plan, the extent of coverage can vary based on your specific plan. Your insurance company may require a copay even if your care is covered.


Some policies require that you meet your deductible or a minimum dollar amount before you can use your benefits. If you haven’t met your deductible, you will have to pay the full price until you’ve reached the minimum dollar amount for your policy. Deductibles often reset on January 1st, so if you have met your deductible and are still needing treatment, now is the time to visit our office so you can avoid having to pay toward your deductible again after the new year.


Procedures that are not medically necessary are often considered elective procedures by insurance companies. This can be a misnomer for patients as some foot surgeries are considered elective procedures. Electives can also include procedures more cosmetic in nature.


If your course of treatment is not fully covered by insurance or is not deemed “medically necessary” we will let you know during your initial consultation so you can make an informed decision before proceeding with treatment. Sometimes insurance companies may require a second opinion before approving a procedure or treatment option. We understand this and will work with your insurance to meet their requirements. Be sure to ask about our payment plans or any other discounts that you may be eligible for during your consultation.

We are always looking for new ways to help our patients receive quality and affordable podiatric care. Whether you need an exam for an injury, chronic condition, or simply a checkup, we would be happy to schedule you an appointment to help you get the care you need. For more information on our services and how we can help you, please contact Tjoe Podiatry.

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