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Custom-made orthotics can provide the ultimate support and protection for hardworking feet.

From pounding the pavement to sudden stops on the court, it’s not hard to see how athletes are often the most common demographic to experience foot and ankle injuries. However, prevention is key to staving off foot problems, and this doesn’t just apply to avid sports players. That’s why Cavaliers’ Forward, LeBron James, opts for orthotics while he’s on the court. In fact, he is one of nine players on the team that always wears orthotics for both games and practices. And luckily the trend is starting to catch on in the NBA over the last few years.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are custom-designed devices that are inserted into the shoe to provide arch and heel support and to cushion the foot.

What do orthotics do?

As Cavalier podiatrist Dr. Richard Hofacker states, orthotics do a knock-out job of fixing angles and gaits all while offering the right amount of arch support to prevent stress fractures and other problems like plantar fasciitis, a inflammatory condition that often causes heel pain.

Plus, Hofacker also reports that orthotics help lessen simple but still uncomfortable foot issues like blisters and calluses in athletes like James. Orthotics can also be used to help those with tendinitis, diabetic foot ulcers, bursitis and other painful conditions. The ultimate goal of orthotics is to lessen symptoms and improve function.

When cared for properly, customized orthotics from your Jersey City podiatrist can last a patient years.

When to see your podiatrist about orthotics?

If you are just looking for a little extra cushioning while walking in shoes, then over-the-counter shoe inserts may be all you need. However, if you are experiencing foot problems that affect function and movement, then it’s time to get an evaluation from your Jersey City, NJ podiatrist. Prescription orthotics can help give your foot the ultimate support it needs to run a marathon or to just enjoy a refreshing walk through the neighborhood.

If orthotics are good enough for LeBron, then imagine what they can do for you! Call our office today to schedule your next appointment with us. Be sure to let us know whether you are interested in finding out more about orthotics in Jersey City.


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