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While foot care is always important, professional podiatric treatment is especially important for those Jersey City residents who have diabetes. If you have diabetes, here are three reasons why you need to make proper foot care, including regular visits to Dr. Edward Tjoe at Tjoe Podiatry in Jersey City, a priority.

1. Diabetes Can Cause A Loss of Feeling in Your Feet

People with diabetes often gradually lose feeling in their feet. As a result, you may step on something sharp and hurt your feet without even realizing it. Checking your feet regularly is the only way to know for sure that your feet are not damaged or injured. Otherwise, a small cut can quickly turn into a large injury and a needed visit to Tjoe Podiatry in Jersey City.

2. Diabetes Can Result in Reduced Blood Circulation

Reduced blood circulation can lead to numbness, tingling and slowed healing times. Minor cuts and injuries that would have once healed on their own may now require a round of antibiotics or professional treatment from Tjoe Podiatry in Jersey City in order to heal properly.

3. Diabetes Can Increase Your Risk for Serious Infection

Lastly, people with diabetes are often at an increased risk for serious infections and even limb loss. While you can, and should, check your feet regularly at home, regular visits to Dr. Tjoe at Tjoe Podiatry are the best way to ensure that your feet and the rest of your body stay strong and healthy no matter what life sends your way.

Diabetes requires a fair amount of self-care, and all of it is important if you want to stay in good health. Don’t check your blood sugar only to neglect the health of your feet. Make self-checks as well as routine visits to Tjoe Podiatry in Jersey City a priority to ensure that you’re always in good health.


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