Dr. Tjoe (pronounced like Joe) has excellent bedside manner and listens to your foot needs and concerns. Most definitely the most caring physician I have seen thus far.

I had an infection in my big toe and had to have my toe nail removed. He took the time to thoroughly explain what he was doing and made sure I was okay every step of the way. He also gave me water in a Star Wars mug when I told him I didn’t have anything to drink or eat the morning of my appointment.

Sara J.

This was my first experience at a podiatrist and it definitely was a positive one. Fortunately I was able to get an appointment on fairly short notice. I felt like Dr. Tjoe took his time, was knowledgeable and explained what he was doing during the examination which made me feel at ease and not rushed.

Christina I.

I am Indian living in the US for past 6 years. I have had multiple health issues couple of surgeries ever since I came to this country. My surgeries did not heal properly and my health issues did not resolve for a long time. The harder I tried to become normal the worse I became. Then one day due to foot infection I happened to see to Dr TJoe. I am not sure if I can describe it correctly, it was one of my best days in life.

Dr. TJoe is a great doctor. He cares for patients unlike I have seen in any other doctor.

During my treatment here Dr TJoe suggested Neurx-Tf supplement because I complained to him about my foot tingling. My life changed forever after that. I have had B-12 deficiency for a long time and that how I got into multiple health issues to begin with. The form of B-12 in Neurx-Tf works for me perfectly and helps me maintain stable health.

I cannot Thank Dr Tjoe enough for this. He the best doctor ever.

I also want to thank his staff especially Mr. Joe for being very considerate and helpful with scheduling and all other things.

Bhanuprakash D.