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Ankle sprains are a common – and painful – injury that can occur during physical activity or while a person is moving through the activities of daily life. A simple step off a curb or planting a foot the wrong way on the playing field can lead to an ankle sprain – and our Jersey City, NJ podiatrist’s office can help.

When you initially injure your ankle, you may want to try at-home treatments using the acronym RICE, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. You may also wish to take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. However, if your symptoms do not improve in a few days or worsen, you may require the assistance of our Jersey City, NJ podiatrist’s office.

Because podiatrists specialize in conditions and disorders that affect the foot and ankle, Dr. Tjoe is well-qualified to care for patients who have experienced an ankle sprain. When you come to his office, he will take medical history, perform a physical exam and potentially conduct imaging studies, such as an X-ray, to determine the extent of your injury and rule out other possible explanations, such as a bone fracture.

With careful attention, treatment and rest, ankle sprains can typically resolve and you can go back to living a pain-free life. Dr. Tjoe may recommend wearing a soft cast or other ankle support to reduce instability while your ankle heals.

In addition to discussions of treating an ankle sprain, Dr. Tjoe can also recommend methods for preventing future injuries. Because an ankle sprain can make you prone to future injuries, Dr. Tjoe may recommend shoes and supports, such as braces, during athletic activity that can protect you from re-injury.

For additional information on ankle sprain treatments at our Jersey City, NJ podiatry office, please call (201) 984-0231.


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