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Some people are very afraid of showing off their feet to the world due to imperfections. One common issue that causes people to hide their feet, even in warm weather, is the appearance of calluses. If you feel that this may be your foot problem, you may find that resolving the issue is as simple as a visit to the Jersey City, NJ podiatry office of Dr. Edward Tjoe.

What Are Calluses?

Calluses are hard to ignore, because they can completely change the way your feet look and feel if left untreated. They are rough growths of skin that form on the sides, top and sometimes the bottom of the feet. In most cases, calluses are caused by friction between your feet and the inside of your shoes. 
As time goes on, the skin reacts to the friction by building up a protective barrier, but unfortunately it’s unattractive and can be even more painful when you continue to wear the same shoes. Calluses form on the sides, heel, bottom and top of the feet. Calluses that form on the toes are often called corns. Dr. Tjoe treats plenty of these cases at his podiatry office in New Jersey.

Shoes That Cause Calluses

If you’re having a problem with calluses, it’s most likely because you’re wearing poorly designed or ill-fitting shoes. Here are a few characteristics of shoes that cause calluses and similar foot problems:

  • No cushioning inside
  • Too narrow for your feet (especially at the front)
  • Made of restricting materials, like patent leather or plastic

Women are the more vulnerable to calluses because they often wear fashionable high heels that aren’t designed for comfort. To avoid problems with calluses, invest in high quality, well-made shoes that are cushioned, wide enough to support your feet and made of a quality material like soft buttery leather.

Callus Removal by Local Podiatrist Dr. Edward Tjoe

The good news is that there are treatments for calluses that can give you the soft, smooth delicate feet that you’ve always wanted. Dr. Tjoe has a way of safely reducing the size of a callus (self-treatment is strongly not advised). In some cases, he may also prescribe custom orthotic shoes that will best fit your feet. Request an appointment online to see Dr. Tjoe and finally set your feet free.


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