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We want our Jersey City patients to know they have treatment options to treat chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis).The mechanics of photobiomodulation (laser therapy) are complex, and so many laser companies use this complexity to “talk over your head” in hopes to create their own pseudo-science to fit the technical specifications they are able to produce in their equipment. At K-Laser USA, we are not only dedicated to constant research and a better understanding of the underlying principles of our technology, but we are equally dedicated to making these complex ideas more readily understandable to those who use and benefit from laser therapy.

This therapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment for heel pain and only requires a short recovery time. Clinical studies show a 80 percent success rate for treatment of plantar fasciitis using Laser Treatment.

For more information on Heel Pain Laser Treatment in the Jersey City, NJ area call Podiatrist, Dr. Edward Tjoe at (201) 984-0231!

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