Fungal toenail Laser Treatment

Eliminate toenail fungus for good with state-of-the-art laser treatment!

Light Age Inc. has developed the Q-Clear™ laser system to effectively treat nails infected by fungus (also known as onychomycosis). In 2011, the US FDA approved the Q-Clear™ system for use in treating nail fungal infections caused by common dermatophytes.
Fungal infections affect millions of Americans and patients worldwide, causing yellow, thickened nails and unsightly disfigurements. Furthermore, for patients with other medical problems like diabetes, these minor fungal infections can cause further complications. In the [q clear]  past, fungal infections have been difficult to treat because they are found in areas of the nail bed that are challenging to access. However, the Q-Clear™ laser is a revolutionary and minimally invasive new technology that can actually penetrate the nail and effectively treat the fungal infection. This is currently the only FDA-approved laser for treating onychomycosis.

 What is Q-Clear™ laser system?

Toenail Fungus Treatment Q-Clear

This infrared laser produces wavelengths that penetrate through the toenail to effectively treat and eliminate fungal infections. What makes this treatment different from other podiatric lasers is that is produces very little heat; therefore, it is able to effectively kill the fungus without heating the surrounding tissue. This eliminates the potential burning and pain that could occur during other laser treatments. The short, powerful laser pulses keep the Q-Clear™ laser from heating the tissue while destroying the fungus.

The Q-Clear™ laser offers a variety of benefits to patients suffering from nail fungus:

  • Results in as little as one treatment!
  • Treatment session is fast (only takes about four minutes a foot)
  • It’s painless
  • No recovery time
  • No side effects

Clinical studies performed on the Q-Clear™ laser system have found a 95 percent efficacy while being completely painless.
If you have chronic fungal infections and want to find out more about your treatment options or about whether the Q-Clear™ laser system would help your condition, call our office today at (201) 984-0231.

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