Treat and Prevent Shin Splints
By Dr. Edward Tjoe
June 17, 2014
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It’s almost summer time, so the warm weather is getting people out of the house and onto the running path. If you’re a new or seasonal runner, you need to learn how to deal with shin splints.

What is a Shin Splint? 

A shin splint is a pain located along the tibia (shinbone). There is not a consensus among doctors about the cause, but for a long time it was thought to be a soft tissue injury. Studies now show it’s caused by a bone injury, instead of soft tissue injury.
This injury usually occurs to new runners, but the problem can return if not treated right, so many seasonal runners also deal with painful shin splints.

How to Handle Shin Splints

It is best to rest some and decrease running, especially if you have an injury to the foot or leg. You can start your running routine again as long as you add it back in slowly once the pain is gone.
Tjoe podiatry can offer the k-laser treatment in Jersey City to help with the bone and muscle healing. Similar to muscles, bone heals the same way by increasing the blood flow. If shin splints are caused by muscle or bone injury, the k-laser will work on both.
This painful leg injury can lead to a stress fracture if not properly taken care of. Please call our Jersey City, NJ podiatry office for more information—(201) 984-0231. 


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