Struggling with Warts? We Can Help
By Dr. Edward Tjoe
January 18, 2019
Category: Podiatric Care
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You have a sharp pain on the ball of your foot. You notice one or two small, flat bumps speckled with tiny black dots. What is happening to your foot? Your Jersey City podiatrist, Dr. Edward Tjoe, offers treatment for these little, very annoying bumps. Likely they are plantar warts,Foot Warts or verrucas, and while disturbing, they are highly curable. Don't struggle with warts. Get help.

What is a wart?

It's a benign fleshy growth which may appear anywhere on the body--hands, legs, and maybe most notably, on the feet. Plantar warts, or verrucas as they are called in the medical field, spring up on the soles of the feet, including the heels and the balls of the feet.

When a person steps on a wart, it sends a sharp pain throughout the foot. This pain is not easily ignored, nor should it be as warts can form clusters. Plus, they are contagious, spreading from person to person via direct contact or even through shared towels or walking barefoot on shower or gym floors.

Treating warts

If you suspect you have plantar warts, make an appointment for wart treatment by your Jersey City podiatrist. Dr. Tjoe sees scores of warts and can differentiate them from other skin conditions affecting the feet and ankles.

Typically, warts are caused by HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, which also is responsible for oral cancers, genital warts and other health conditions. Resembling corns and calluses, warts begin their existence on the sole of the foot when HPV intrudes upon a crack or cut in the skin. As warts grow, so do the discomforts and unsightly appearance characteristic of this common podiatric problem.

When Dr. Tjoe diagnoses warts, he may prescribe a medicated topical cream or other medication. Removal by in-office laser cautery or cryosurgery (freezing) are common options, too.

Preventing plantar warts

Yes, warts can return, and if you are experiencing them in clusters, wart treatment can be harder and take longer. So, prevention is the best medicine as the old adage goes.

To prevent warts, Dr. Tjoe suggests:

  • Washing your feet with soap and water every day and drying them carefully (this helps with athlete's foot and fungal toenails, too)
  • Wearing clean socks every day
  • Never going barefoot outside
  • Wearing flip flops or shower sandals in public gyms and locker rooms
  • Daily inspection of your feet for any cuts, abrasions or sores which could be entryways for HPV or other microbes

Stay wart-free
You can with help from Dr. Edward Tjoe. Call today for a wart treatment appointment in Jersey City, NJ. Dr. Tjoe even has hours on Saturdays. Phone (201) 984-0231.


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